Chateau Flight + Cabaret Contemporain — Terry Riley Cover (EP)
Date de sortie : May. 29, 2014
Label : Versatile Records

Cabaret Contemporain feat. Château Flight : Terry Riley Cover

A – Persian Surgery
B – Desert of Ice

All tunes by Terry Riley.
Recorded by Pierre Favrez at Microbe & Profile on air.
Mixed by Chateau Flight at Victor Studio (Paris).
Remerciements : Laurent JacquierVersatile Records

Riley front Riley bottom

When Chateau Flight was approached to participate to this live project of covers of Terry Riley, together with the Cabaret Contemporain, they immediatly said yes. It was the occasion to play great music from a major influence of them, and also to play it live with some great musicians. The live experience went so great that they decided to go in the mythical Vogue Studio (around Paris) to record it. The idea was to have a full live take, no edits, to capture the magic of the improvisation. Cabaret contemporain includes 2 prepared double basses,1 drummer, 1 guitar player, 1 prepared piano. Chateau Flight (aka I:Cube and Gilb’R) provided the electronics sounds and the mixdown. Here is the result.