Julien Desprez : Guitar, Performance, Voice, Direction
Pauline Simon : Performance, Guitar
Julien Loutelier : Performance, Percussion
Ana Rita Teodoro : Performance, Voice
Clement Vercelletto : Performance, Modular Synth, Voice
Lucas Lagomarsino : Performance, Tiny Amp, Voice
Bastien Mignot : Dramaturgy, outside sight
Gregory Edelein : Stage Design, Light design, outside sight
Gregory Joubert: Sound and PA
Milena Grange: Technic Manager

COCO is neither a concert nor a dance piece. 

Coco is between. This performance seeks to create the indeterminate space right in between of sounds and motions. 

Resulting from a dialogue between Julien Desprez’s practice and the practice of the samba group « Coco Raizes de Arcoverde », COCO creates a total show where tension is taking the role of the narration. 

During two weeks of residency in Arcoverde, Pernambuco (Brasil), Julien learnt with the Coco Raizes de Arcoverde them special tap dance technic. Through a dialog with this special sound dance, Julien Desprez created a piece where everything has the right to talk with no aesthetic boarder.