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Cabaret Contemporain + Linda Oláh & Isabel Sörling — Moondog
Date de sortie : Nov. 17, 2015
Label : Subrosa Records

Cabaret Contemporain : Moondog


1. my tiny butterfly
2. i love you
3. do your thing
4. i’am just a hop head
5. why spend the dark night with you
6. maybe
7. Paris
8. trees against the sky
9. enough about human rights
10. all is loneliness
11. high on a rocky ledge


All tracks written by Moondog
Sounds by Cabaret Contemporain
Linda OláhIsabel Sörling

Linda Oláh & Isabel Sörling voice
Fabrizio Rat piano
Giani Caserotto guitar
Ronan Courty doublebass
Simon Drappier doublebass
Julien Loutelier drums

Recorded at Microbe Studio
by Pierre Favrez assisted by Hugo Bracchi
Mixed by Pierre Favrez
Mastered by Maël Vallin at Jraphing studio
Design & photo by Rémy Soubanère

Cabaret Contemporain Moondog LP_SideA_PreviewCabaret Contemporain Moondog LP_SideB_Preview