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Sugar Sugar — Shed Session
Date de sortie : Nov. 19, 2021
Label : Jazzus Records

Sugar Sugar – Shed Session

1- Bubble Pulses
2- Looming
3- Angry Beauty
4- Madame Adrénaline
5- Spiral Part
6- Moonscapes
7- Peace Artillery
8- No Trigger

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Music by Sugar Sugar

Axel Rigaud Modular Synthesizer
Julien Loutelier drums

Produced by Jazzus Records

Live recorded by Pierre Favrez at Le Shed on 13.03.2021
Mixed by Pierre Favrez (B media)
Mastered by Xergio Cordoba / Eternal Midnight
Artwork by Jean Mosambi


« Eight pieces. A floating dose of additive. Plenty of sparkling effects. And, it’s without moderation with Sugar Sugar. Rendez-vous in the Moonscapes of the new digital label Jazzus Records with Axel Rigaud on modular synthesizer and Julien Loutelier on drums. No Trigger this time for the first album of the instrumental duo. After having triggered anger last June with Angry Trigger, they come back today to sublimate it with Angry Beauty. It’s ambient. It’s organic. A deeply captivating soundscape that gives you a good breath of oxygen. Bubble Pulses. It’s fluid. It weaves a direct link between techno, electro and jazz. The kind of spherical and distinctive lease that can take you far away. Damn, it’s good. One last dose of Madame Adrenaline? Let’s go. No more war against sugar now. Unconditional surrender. Last steps in the bunker of the uplifting pads and the assaulting percussions. Energy bombardment. Peace Artillery. »